Things you need to know about storage

What you need to know about storing at Self Storage Gisborne.

1. Determine amount of space required - call Polly on 06 867 3233, or feel free to use our storage unit space calculator

2. Complete contract. Please note key points below:

  • No contract, no storage.
  • Person signing must take responsibility for goods stored. Adequate ID must be provided.
  • Goods must be insured by the storer
  • Rent is paid monthly in advance at Self Storage Gisborne. Payment options: Eftpos, automatic payment, cheque, cash.
  • Pay $50 deposit (bond). This is fully refunded provided all terms of contract have been met.
  • Storer provides their own padlock. Self Storage Gisborne have padlocks available to purchase
  • No dangerous or illegal goods whatsoever to be stored.
  • Access cards: Upon signing contract, storers are issued with their own access card in to the facility. 
  • Access hours are 6am – 10pm, 7 days per week
  1. 3. Upon terminating storage, key points:

  • 7 days notice, by phone, email or in writing, to terminate contract must be provided.
  • Upon termination date, a/c is fully paid up.
  • Goods to be removed and padlock to be removed.
  • Unit to be clean and free of any rubbish.
  • Any damage of unit to be reported.
  • Nothing in this notice affects or prejudices the rights of Self Storage Gisborne Ltd or the storer as set out in the Terms and Conditions of the license agreement.
  • We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the highest level of storage services.
  • Please note: Self Storage Gisborne  have available for sale strong, sturdy cartons suitable for stacking in your storage unit. We also sell bubble wrap and mattress and furniture covers.