Storage Unit Price Schedule

Indicative range of unit sizes and prices

(subject to availability)

Small units suitable for boxes/cartons and smaller items.

Size range: 4.86 m3(1.7mx2.1m) to 11m3 (2mx2m)
Price range: $85 - $130 / month

1 Bedroom Home

Size range: 12m3 (3x1.5) to 19m3 (3.9x1.8)
Price range: $135 - $175/month

2 Bedroom Home

Size range: 21m3 (3m x 2.5) to 29m3(3.9x2.7)

Price range: $180 - $220/month 

3 Bedroom Home and larger

Size range: 32m3 (4x3) to 44m3(4.9x3)
Price range: $235 to $300/month

Extra large

Size:    48m3
Price:   $310 /month

Method of Payments

Payment options:

Automatic payment
Internet banking
Credit card.

Referral card

Because much of our business is based on referrals, we really value customers who refer business our way. For every person you refer to us, we'll give you 7 days storage absoultely FREE*
So, the more people you refer to us, the more free storage days you receive!

Even if you're not a customer, we'll give you a $25 meat voucher for your referral.

Self Storage Gisborne. Ph 867 3233

*number of free days depends on time stored.